A binaural mix of a 6 speaker installation by Peter Coyte made for the Whitstable Satellite art festival 4 - 12 June 2016.
Image of 'Lovers & Killers' sculpture by Elizabeth Porter.
Salvage (Study for figures in a floating landscape)
Material for this piece are from sounds have been collected during a series of walks guided by the principles of the derivé (Debord), taken along the coastline using hydrophones and binaural microphones.
The recorded sonic events were incorporated into a score, responded to in real time and captured as gestures on the computer.
Whitstable’s location on the ancient trade thoroughfare of the Thames estuary, its history as a port and its function as the site for the first professional divers together with memory and geography will be explored with a re-sounding of the score and of the recorded events and field recordings. There is also a strong awareness of how the coast is significant within the context of current events.
The piece will be developed during the exhibition.
Peter Coyte is a composer/sound artist & a member of improvising ensemble Automatic Writing Circle. Commissions in theatre & film include work with directors Gemma Bodinetz, Joanna Callaghan and Francois Verster.