Automatic Writing Circle at Supernormal Festival

Braziers Park, Wallingford , Oxfordshire

Thomas Gardner and Peter Coyte of Automatic Writing Circle perform work that moves between sound, art and music. They use traditional instruments and a specially constructed ‘Ouija board’ to mediate between listening and musical action.

Their search for a balance between listening and musical organisation mirrors the balance sought within the Braziers Park community between emotional expression and executive action. The interconnection between Braziers social research and musical/listening processes will be the theme of this performance.

This performance is part of a new partnership with Creative Research into Sound Art Practice (CRISAP).

SUPERNORMAL is an experimental festival of arts and music, expanding upon new paradigms of what a festival can be. Independent and uncompromising, it champions multi-faceted, exploratory art and music from the underground, margins and fringes to impart inspiring and engaging encounters beyond the everyday and the expected.